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INCompliance consultants combine legal and regulatory expertise with practical experience in the health care industry. The result is a unique and comprehensive understanding of the practical issues which clients face in developing and implementing a compliance program. Our attorney and non-attorney consultants provide customized programs and advice to help our clients of all sizes navigate today’s complex compliance landscape and support clients with training, investigation and audit services.

We help health care clients determine whether their compliance programs are truly effective in preventing, detecting and addressing a wide array of compliance issues. In addition to compliance audits, assessments and effectiveness reviews, our attorney-consultants also regularly conduct compliance investigations, assist in the development and revision of compliance policies and procedures, and provide training on a wide range of compliance topics. Our services are designed to both assist clients in avoiding costly government investigations and enforcement actions, and in complying with corporate integrity agreements and other government orders.

With the ongoing integration of technology in patient care, protecting personal and medical information requires a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program that is fully integrated into the organization’s operations. Our preventative approach to HIPAA compliance is based on decades of hands-on experience with health care privacy since the inception of HIPAA. We offer our clients personalized HIPAA compliance solutions, including program development, audits and assessments, investigations and comprehensive training.

Keeping track of health care regulations is a daunting task. Because they are always changing, ensuring that your organization both understands and complies with requirements is an ongoing commitment. Our team can help walk you through the details and ensure you remain compliant. Specifically, we assist with Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), long-term care and assisted living, acute care services and health care planning.

We help health care providers nationwide maintain medical staff compliance. From ensuring that an accurate and effective governance structure is in place, to assisting in the implementation of an effective quality process, to supporting the fair hearing process and providing educational support, we ensure our clients remain compliant with evolving laws while making effective use of their resources.

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