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INCompliance consultants have decades of experience within the education environment, navigating the issues that are critical to today’s schools, colleges and universities. Because all of our consultants are attorneys, we combine legal knowledge with a deep understanding of education operations. Offering practical advice and effective solutions to complex compliance issues, we have become trusted advisors to satisfied clients across the country.

Laura Anthony

Laura has twenty years of experience working on civil rights matters for education institutions. She frequently trains educators on student conduct issues, trauma-informed practices, investigation techniques and procedures for handling discrimination claims and she regularly presents to state and national audiences on education and disability law. Laura has extensive experience as an investigator and an adjudicator in student conduct matters and regularly defends educational institutions in complaint investigations at the federal and state level. In addition, Laura conducts discrimination and harassment investigations and provides audits of special education and student conduct procedures.

Melissa Carleton

Melissa regularly works with institutions of higher education on civil rights and Clery Act compliance and conducts frequent training workshops for investigators, adjudicators and other administrators involved in the conduct process. She also works with public schools districts on managing safety issues during civil rights investigations. She has particular experience with Title IX and Section 504 investigations, special education requirements and employment investigations.

Kate Davis

Kate has 15 years of experience assisting with misconduct cases, both at the K-12 and higher education levels. She has worked on civil rights cases involving allegations of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, race, religion, disability and other protected traits. Kate also assists regularly with policy revision and training.

Susan Geary

As a former teacher of students with disabilities and consultant with a state department of education, Susan has over 30 years of experience working in special education compliance. She frequently trains clients on issues relating to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other areas of civil rights. She is an experienced investigator in matters involving discrimination and harassment.

Rob Kent

Rob Kent has years of experience working with university leadership on the creation and enforcement of Civil Rights and Title IX programs, including in-house experience as a Title IX coordinator and leadership of a Civil Rights office. Rob has advised investigators, auditors and risk managers on statutory and regulatory compliance issues and regularly acts as an independent investigator and decision-maker in cases of student and employee misconduct, including sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment and discrimination. Rob has also served as a Clery coordinator and frequently advises clients on matters of Clery Act compliance and enforcement.

Beverly Meyer

Beverly has been assisting educational institutions in investigating civil rights matters for many years. Prior to her current career, she spent time representing individuals against those institutions, giving her a unique perspective in risk management and compliance issues. She has extensive investigative experience and has undergone specialized training in Title IX investigations and trauma-informed practices.

Katy Osborn

Katy is an experienced civil rights investigator, with experience in cases involving allegations sexual misconduct, employee misconduct and civil rights violations. As the head of a successful high school mock trial/moot court program, Katy works regularly with students. Prior to joining Incompliance, Katy worked in public accounting for 10 years, giving her an eye for detail.

Melissa Martinez Bondy

Melissa frequently interfaces with the Office for Civil Rights during investigations related to Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI. She regularly trains administrators on Title IX issues, including but not limited to accommodating transgender students, equity in athletics, sex discrimination/harassment and sexual misconduct investigations. She has conducted several investigations and has extensive experience defending educational entities against harassment and discrimination claims raised under federal civil rights laws. Melissa is also well-versed in special education procedures for K-12 schools and trains regularly on disability-related issues.

Kylie Cumback

Kylie is a trained civil rights investigator with years of experience in higher education, working closely with students, staff and faculty at a large research institution. She has conducted investigations on matters relating to discrimination, harassment, relationship violence and sexual misconduct. Kylie has also worked extensively on a variety of personal injury and automobile tort claims in the state of South Carolina.

Jessica Galanos

A former assistant director and deputy Title IX coordinator for a large university, Jessica has experience with every step of the Title IX resolution process – from conducting thorough and impartial investigations, to adjudicating sexual misconduct claims, to ensuring ongoing review of university policies and procedures. She regularly advises higher education clients on a variety of legal issues, drawing from her own experience working at a public university and defending universities as a litigator in both the private and public sectors. She also conducts trainings for colleges and universities in the areas of civil rights and compliance.

Warren Grody

For over 25 years, Warren has assisted with misconduct investigations. He is trained as a civil rights investigator and has handled complex sexual harassment and racial, age and sexual discrimination claims. Warren has also participated in the prosecution of Medicaid, workers compensation and defense industry fraud cases. He has a special interest in cases involving confidentiality rights, acceptable use policies, and/or interactions with law enforcement.

Joëlle Khouzam

Joëlle has over 25 years of experience assisting with cases involving misconduct and civil rights concerns. She assists with policy revisions on a regular basis on everything from accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act to medical marijuana. Joëlle frequently conducts trainings on a variety of topics and has a special interest in cases involving employees.

Joshua Nolan

With almost twenty years of experience working as a college administrator and as legal counsel representing higher education institutions, Josh is an experienced civil rights investigator who focuses on Title IX and sexual misconduct investigations. He trains campus constituents on conducting student conduct hearings, complying with Title IX, and adhering to VAWA and Clery Act requirements. Josh is a member of the National Association of Colleges and University Attorneys and served on the editorial board of the Journal of College and University Law.

Jason Stuckey

Jason is a civil rights investigator who is experienced with both student and employee misconduct. He has worked on cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, disability discrimination, bullying, racial discrimination/harassment, national origin discrimination and retaliation.

Erin Butcher

Erin began her career at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, where she helped to design and run a mediation program for public records disputes. She is a trained mediator, investigator and adjudicator, with particular expertise in matters involving allegations of employment discrimination.

Nicole Donovsky

Nicole has investigated civil rights complaints involving complainants of all ages, from elementary school students to adult employees. She trains administrators on compliance with Title IX/VAWA and Clery compliance and has specific experience with regard to adult education programs receiving Title IV Higher Education Act funding. In addition, Nicole has investigated claims alleging race, gender, religious and disability discrimination.

Dane Gaschen

Dane was formerly a County Prosecutor with responsibility for trying special victims’ cases including sexual assaults. For the past thirteen years, he has worked with educational entities conducting investigations and overseeing compliance with federal and state civil rights laws. Dane has specific experience working with law enforcement when there are concurrent criminal investigations, as well as handling employment and labor issues that may arise during an investigation.

Joe Hall

Joe has over ten years of higher education experience, mostly related to both academic and non-academic student conduct. He is highly familiar with the policies and procedures of universities, including discipline, discrimination, Title IX and sexual misconduct. Having supported various on-campus leaders, Joe understands the urgency of sensitive student issues, as well as handling emergency situations. He is experienced in building relationships with students and their families to achieve favorable outcomes, even in difficult situations. Additionally, Joe is a certified Title IX investigator with a background in Greek Life administration.

Jeff Knight

Jeff is a trained investigator with over five years of experience working on civil rights matters with institutions of higher education. He has special expertise involving confidentiality and privacy concerns, as well as in matters involving service animals and assistance animals.

Kasey Nielsen

Kasey is a trained Title IX investigator and decision-maker, and assists colleges and universities in drafting and reviewing institutional policies to comply with federal regulations and provides guidance on various legal issues in student handbooks, including FERPA, the Clery Act and animals on campus.

Susan Oppenheimer

Susan has spent twenty years working with educational institutions and other public sector entities on a range of civil rights matters, including race, national origin, sex, religion, and disability cases. She has conducted, overseen and prepared reports on harassment and discrimination investigations, as well as other types of misconduct investigations. She is familiar with both employment and student issues in the context of educational institutions and has undergone trauma-informed investigative training specific to Title IX requirements.

Rhonda Talford Knight, PhD

Rhonda is Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer with Bricker & Eckler LLP and a Senior Consultant with INCompliance Consulting. She is a former faculty member and a founding member of KCG, a highly sought after DEI consulting firm. Rhonda serves on the president’s Advisory Council on Race at Otterbein University and is a board member of Central Ohio Diversity Consortium. With a doctoral degree reinforcing the importance of DEI, she has been committed to DEI for over 20 years, working with leadership teams, schools, boards, human resources personnel, students and employees to ensure DEI strategic goals are clearly communicated and adopted.

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