K-12 Education Consulting

Every educational institution hopes to foster a culture where each member of the community feels safe and secure, feels fairly treated, and treats others fairly. When creating a system for compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our schools, colleges, and universities, knowledge of that culture should inform the choices that are made. Whether updating existing practices or putting new procedures in place, INCompliance’s education attorney-consultants help administrators fine tune their policies and procedures to minimize the risk of noncompliance, and find solutions that work for their community.

Title IX & Civil Rights

The components of a sound compliance program can change frequently and quickly as a result of changes in the law, regulations, and new case decisions and guidance. Are your procedures up to date, and are your staff and students knowledgeable about the requirements?

Disability Laws

Virtually every educational institution must comply with both the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We can assist in identifying necessary policy revisions and establishing targeted professional development to ensure disability law standards are met.

Student Conduct

How are your student conduct standards developed, disseminated, and enforced? In school environments, preparation is key when charging, investigating, and adjudicating misconduct cases.

Stay Informed

Receive updates from our consultants regarding the latest compliance topics.