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Owner’s Representation Services An owner’s representative acts on the owner’s behalf to handle the day-to-day administration of the construction project. Unlike design professionals and construction firms, whose staff safeguard their employer’s interest, the owner’s representative is effectively an extension of the owner’s staff, representing the owner in relation to the design professional and construction firm, acting as the owner’s “eyes and ears,” advising the owner on any issues that arise during the project and looking out for the owner’s best interests throughout the entire project.


Owners hire design professionals and construction firms, in part, because these firms have decades of collective experience. Many owners, however, do not have a large staff with the same level of expertise in complex construction projects, putting the owner at a distinct disadvantage. By hiring an owner’s representative, the owner is instantly afforded access to its own team of experienced construction professionals charged solely with looking out for the owner’s best interests.


Construction projects are complex. A typical project sees the owner contracting with one firm to design the project, a second firm to construct the project, and then a multitude of consultants to provide the services not provided by the two. The owner must then dedicate the time and resources of its employees to oversee and manage these professionals, an especially daunting task when the owner’s staff lacks the experience to effectively oversee and manage these entities. Our team of construction professionals have the experience and expertise to effectively oversee and manage the construction team, leaving the owner’s personnel free to focus on their ordinary duties.


No two construction projects are alike, as no two owners are alike. Each project will have certain requirements and each owner will have its own needs. We’ve designed our pricing model to allow the owner to customize which services we’ll provide. This allows us to work with the owner to identify which services provide the value to the owner and ensures that the owner does not pay for services that it does not need.

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