When allegations of misconduct are made, an investigation is critical to resolving the situation and moving forward. Let us help you ensure that investigations are being implemented consistently throughout your institution.

INCompliance offers prompt, impartial and comprehensive investigations regarding serious allegations in areas including:

  • Sexual misconduct and harassment under Title IX and Title VII
  • Racial discrimination and harassment
  • Disability discrimination and harassment
  • Discrimination and harassment on the basis of age, religion, nationality, or other protected traits
  • Hazing
  • Faculty misconduct
  • Teacher misconduct
  • Student misconduct
  • Child abuse
  • Ethics concerns
  • Booster groups and foundations
  • Group-based misconduct (e.g., athletics, marching band, fraternities and sororities, etc.)

Our investigators are particularly experienced and sensitive with regard to the unique challenges of investigating campus-based sexual misconduct, sexual violence and hazing allegations. We have undergone trauma-informed training and have the added benefit of understanding the potential intersection between sexual misconduct, safety concerns, sensitive employment issues, media involvement, public records laws and the need for prompt, impartial and effective resolution of these matters.

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