Compliance Program Development

We begin by assessing a school’s existing program.
Is there an institutional “culture of compliance”? How effective are existing compliance functions? Does a risk-based approach to decision-making already exist? Taking into account existing and proposed resources, we recommend appropriate staffing and reporting lines that will be most effective for a school’s culture. We then provide an implementation plan and timeline for establishing all the elements of a strong program.


Whether a college or university takes a centralized or decentralized approach to compliance, there are certain elements that must be put in place for the program to be successful. We help educate senior leadership and stakeholders on the necessary components, including:

  • Ethics and whistleblower protection policies
  • Risk assessments
  • Policy development processes
  • Training Programs
  • Mechanisms to monitor compliance and report wrongdoing

In addition to assisting clients in structuring their compliance programs, we offer:

  • Risk assessments and compliance program audits – We assist clients in developing risk assessment programs or conduct compliance risk assessments on their behalf, including comprehensive reviews in high risk areas, such as Title IX, Clery Act, NCAA requirements, the ADA and student conduct, examining not just the policies in place, but training plans, communication protocols and “on-the-ground” procedures.
  • Policy development and training – Assistance in establishing a process for policy development that includes appropriate levels of stakeholder involvement and efficiency, and designing comprehensive training programs to best ensure that policies will be implemented. We also offer a full suite of training services.
  • Investigations – A team of seasoned investigators available to handle the most sensitive internal investigations, including Title IX investigations, ethics concerns, group-based misconduct (such as fraternities or athletics teams) and complaints against high profile administrators, and to assist in developing an institutional response.

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