Risk Assessments &
Compliance Program Audits

A comprehensive risk assessment is the most effective tool to determine where compliance efforts should be strengthened. We bring decades of experience in higher education administration and compliance programs to assist colleges and universities, both public and private, in developing their own internal risk assessment programs, including providing materials and developing an implementation plan for evaluating results.

Civil rights laws, regulations, case decisions and guidance may change faster than your ability to update your policy language and procedures. Are you sure that your policy is compliant and that all of the components of your institution are using procedures that are consistent with your policy and each other? INCompliance consultants are familiar with the requirements and best practices and can help you identify what is happening, what should be happening, and the steps you can take toward compliance.

Our compliance program audits can include comprehensive reviews in high-risk areas, such as Title IX, Clery Act, NCAA requirements, the ADA and student conduct.  In these audits, we examine not just the policies in place, but training plans, communication protocols and “on-the-ground” procedures.

Services include:

  • Policy review and revision
  • Consultations with stakeholders
  • Training plan development
  • “On the Ground” procedural review
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Template review

We have particular expertise in helping clients develop Title IX and Clery Act compliance programs and institutional responses to allegations of discrimination and harassment of all types.

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