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INCompliance consultants have decades of experience within the health care industry, navigating the issues that are critical to today’s providers, health plans and related entities. Because most of our consultants are attorneys, we combine legal knowledge with a deep understanding of health care operations. Offering practical advice and effective solutions to complex compliance issues, we have become trusted advisors to satisfied clients across the country.

Christine Kenney

Chris has provided consultation to various state agencies on health care matters, health care providers on planning and regulatory matters, and Ohio’s Executive Branch on state long-term care policy matters. She provides expert testimony and offers presentations on Community Health Needs Assessment, Certificate of Need and cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular surgery service requirements. She has conducted Community Health Needs Assessments since enactment of the requirement under the Affordable Care Act and has conducted cardiac catheterization service reviews for compliance with state regulations. As director of Ohio’s Certificate of Need and Health Care Services programs from 1997-2009, she prepared legislation and developed policy directives to address standards for cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular surgery services, community needs, and the safe and effective re-distribution of long-term care beds, including developing and introducing the long-term care bed need methodology currently in use in Ohio. She is instrumental in effecting facility and long-term care bed right transactions. Chris works with provider associations, industry groups, state agencies, and providers on various health care regulatory matters.

Jim Flynn

Jim has earned a statewide and national reputation as a leading legal advisor in health care law. His experience includes transactional, regulatory and governance matters, specifically relating to reimbursement, executive compensation, health planning and long-term care. He is also a leader in the industry on complex health care topics, such as federal and state regulatory issues; fraud and abuse; False Claims Act; certificate of need; community health needs assessments; and Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Elisabeth Squeglia

Bette has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry and has served as regional general counsel to a national managed care plan and integrated delivery system. She has extensive experience with developing HIPAA compliance programs, staff education and training, breach investigations and compliance audits, and has consulted with health care systems, health plans, self-insured employers and business associates on virtually all aspects of HIPAA privacy. Bette is the co-author of INCompliance’s online HIPAA self-assessment program. Additionally, she is a frequent national speaker on insurance regulatory and privacy issues.

Rhonda Talford Knight, PhD

Rhonda is Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer with Bricker & Eckler LLP and a Senior Consultant with INCompliance Consulting. She is a former faculty member and a founding member of KCG, a highly sought after DEI consulting firm. Rhonda serves on the president’s Advisory Council on Race at Otterbein University and is a board member of Central Ohio Diversity Consortium. With a doctoral degree reinforcing the importance of DEI, she has been committed to DEI for over 20 years, working with leadership teams, schools, boards, human resources personnel, students and employees to ensure DEI strategic goals are clearly communicated and adopted.

Diane Signoracci

Diane is an experienced attorney and consultant, advising in the areas of 340B compliance and general health care compliance. She is a frequent speaker on a variety of health-related topics, including the 340B program, current Office of the Inspector General investigations of health care providers, employee education and organizational compliance programs.

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